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Nature-Infused  Self-Care,
Mindfulness, & Whole Foods  
For Mind.Body Wellbeing
& Stress Resilience

For decades, our culture has been creating strong & opposing forces against our collective health & wellbeing and now, as we navigate the uncertainty of this historic time, we are offered an opportunity to co-create a new world where mind, body, heart & soul wellbeing is the norm rather than the exception; where we thrive in nature-centered and human-centered community; where the Earth can begin to heal, too.

If you are experiencing:
  • chronic physical and/or mental illness or (im)balances that prevent you from loving your life
  • unrelenting stress, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, or overwhelm
  • a feeling of (dis)connection, loneliness, or isolation
  • a desire to improve your health & wellbeing and (re)connect with nature
...it is simply a sign  for you to (re)Wild.



an intentional choice to honor the wisdom of nature, (re)kindle a soulful relationship with the natural world, and (re)store  wellbeing with nutrient-rich whole foods and nature-infused self-care,

mindfulness, and lifestyle transformation.  

 The (re)Wilding Movement
for Mind.Body Wellbeing
 Online & Local (re)Wilding
Courses & Workshops
Enjoying Outdoor
Health Coaching & (re)Wilding
for Women 40 & Beyond
Happy Woman
Wild at Heart Methodology
Inviting  nature as our guide, Wild at Heart programs and services are designed to: (re)Wild all 4 major lifestyle factors (Food, Sleep, Movement, Stress Resilience) and heal the 5 main body systems (Hormones, Energy, Gut, Brain, & Immune System) impacted by our diet, lifestyles, unhealthy cultural norms, and absence of nature in our lives . . .
. . . to bring our minds, bodies, hearts & souls back into  balance.
Nutrient Rich 
Whole Foods 
& Detox for the Mind, Body & Home
Sleep Support for Restful & Restorative
& Stress Resilience
Self-Love & 
Nourishing Movement

 Can you hear

the call of the wild ?  


The (re)Wilding Movement Now!




  • Monthly Inspiration to (re)Wild Your Mind, Body, & Home
  • (re)Wilding Retreat Guide
  • Wild at Heart Recipe Book
  • & More!

Set your intention with a happy & enthusiastic heart

to experience (re)wilding with your family & friends! 

Benefits of (re)Wilding for Your

Mind, Body, Heart & Soul

  1. Lower anxiety, depression, & overwhelm

  2. Resilience to the effects of chronic stress

  3. Soulfully reconnect with loved ones & the wild world

  4. Nourish your mind.body with health-promoting whole foods

  5. Enjoy a more restful night's sleep and happier digestion

  6. Feel a greater sense of calm and the mental space for mindfulness & gratitude

  7. Experience a state of creative flow doing the things you love without constant distraction

  8. Feel inspired to (re)wild every day by making simple lifestyle changes with BIG impacts on your health & wellbeing

Take time to Wander...

Hello  I'm Angela, a certified health & wellness coach with a master's degree in nutrition and functional medicine.
After navigating my own nature-infused healing journey and bearing witness to our culture’s collective relationship breakdown to the wild world that has led us to the epidemics of chronic illness, anxiety, depression, and the climate crisis...


Wild at Heart was founded on the mission to take a stand against unsustainable cultural norms by empowering women to (re)align their diet, lifestyles, mindset, and home with the wisdom of nature for healing mind, body, heart & soul (im)balances, (re)kindling a soulful relationship to the natural world, and healing themselves, their loved ones, our communities, and our home on this earth.

Let's walk together for awhile... we'll stop and smell the wildflowers, smile a lot, and wander down the road less-traveled.


Be well and I'll see you in the wild.

Angela Juhl, MS, CHWC, CYT
Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine
Wellcoaches™ Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Wild Woman Project Circle Leader
Certified Yoga Teacher
Connect with me...
I work with clients from anywhere via phone or video  teleconference and I'm happy to answer any questions you have!  Contact me anytime. 
970-430-5153   aj@wildatheartconsulting.com
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