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Are you feeling the effects of age, processed foods & sugar, poor sleep, inactivity, negative thoughts, and/or chronic stress on your mind & body?

Are you struggling to age gracefully through peri-menopause & beyond?

Have you been told you have an imbalance of thyroid, adrenal (cortisol), metabolic (insulin), or sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone)?


Are you suffering from gut issues, painful periods, migraines, food sensitivities, fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, skin problems, and/or anxiety & depression?


Angela Juhl, MS, CHWC, CYT

Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine
Wellcoaches™ Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Wild Woman Project Circle Leader
Certified Yoga Teacher
Wild at Heart Methodology
(re)Wild 4 Lifestyle Areas
Nutrient Rich
Whole Foods & Detox for Mind, Body & Home
Sleep Support for Restful & Restorative
& Stress Resilience
Self-Love & 
Nourishing Movement
Inviting  nature as our guide, Wild at Heart programs & coaching are designed to (re)Wild all 4 major lifestyle areas to bring our minds, bodies, hearts & souls back into  balance:
  1. Whole Foods & Detox: nourish your mind & body with simple, health-promoting, nutrient-dense whole foods, mindful eating principles, reducing toxic exposures, & creating a healthy home.
  2. Sleep: by (re)aligning your daily routine & sleep environment with the rhythms of nature, you set the stage for more restful and restorative sleep every night.
  3. Movement: moving your body every day in nourishing ways as an expression of self-love.
  4. Stress Resilience: supercharge your resilience with mindfulness-based practices & intentionally spending time immersed in the kingdom of plants, trees, the earth, the sun, the moon, and the animals.
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Wild at Heart Coaching Session
This session is an invitation to:
  • Share your health & wellbeing challenges with me and feel heard and seen.

  • Explore the possibilities of how the Wild at Heart Method & my coaching support will help heal your mind, body, heart & soul. 


I look forward to supporting you with the

right program, 1:1 support, or referral

on your healing journey!

let's walk  together for awhile..

...and  heal the 5 main body systems impacted by our diets, lifestyles, unhealthy cultural norms, & absence of nature in our lives to support optimal health  & cellular function:
  1. Hormone Balance: blood sugar (im)balances from a standard American diet, chronic stress, and toxin exposures wreak havoc on hormone production and function -  leading to weight gain, low energy, disrupted sleep, mood swings, low sex drive, and the feeling of burnout. 

  2. Energy Production: nutrient deficiencies, toxin exposures, chronic stress, and sitting too much prevent our cells from producing enough energy to carry out vital cellular functions to support physical and mental vitality. 

  3. Gut Health: beneficial gut bacteria and the integrity of our digestive tract lining are the first things to break down when we eat a phytonutrient and fiber-poor diet or high protein/high fat meals without plants, consume toxins in our food & water, and allow chronic stress to run our lives.

  4. Brain Health: anxiety, depression, and mental function are directly related to the health of our gut (gut-brain connection), nutrient deficiencies, toxin exposures, stress, and unresolved trauma.

  5. Immune Health: chronic inflammation (leading to chronic disease & vulnerability to viral and bacterial infections) is a domino effect from nutrient-poor diets, weight gain, toxin accumulation, chronic stress, and lack of sunshine & exercise.

Eat Well &

Nourish Your

Mind, Body,

heart &soul

Functional Medicine is revolutionizing healthcare with root cause resolution.

Diet & Lifestyle Interventions are the centerpiece of this revolution.

symptoms of mind.body (im)balances

  • chronic or intermittent fatigue

  • blood sugar (im)balances

  • headaches or migraines

  • vague feeling of (un)well

  • exercise (in)tolerance

  • anxiety and/or depression

  • weight gain, cravings

  • brain fog or memory loss

  • frequent infections

  • low libido, infertility

  • autoimmune disorders

  • neurodegeneration

  • muscle weakness or pain

  • skin irritations, eczema, dermatitis

  • poor sleep quality & quantity

  • hair and nail weakness

  • gastrointestinal upset: bloating, gas, pain, food (in)tolerances and sensitivities, diarrhea and/or constipation, poor digestion of proteins or fats, heartburn

(re)Wild your diet & lifestyle for mind.body balance 

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Essentials Oils are a nature wellness tool in my home and everyday life and I would love to share my top 10 oils and uses with you!


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​Benefits of the Wild at Heart Method
  • restore optimal cellular function to turn back the clock & feel more vibrant
  • feed  a healthy microbiome for  happier digestion, resolve chronic gut issues, restore a   positive  mood, and   improve mental CLARITY
  • support thyroid, adrenal, metabolic & sex hormone function for more ABUNDANT Energy,   restful sleep,    glowing  skin, and a healthy weight as you age
  •  calm and  soothe your nervous system with mindfulness & nature to build RESILIENCE against chronic stress
  • discover a nourishing relationship with NATURE, food, movement, and self-love
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I work with clients from anywhere via phone or video  teleconference and I'm happy to answer any questions you have!  Contact me anytime. 
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